1. Beers I drank in Amsterdam


  2. What I ate in Amsterdam


  3. Rodenbach brewmaster Rudi Ghequire asked us not to take pictures in the brew house. I asked if it would be ok to take pictures amongst the giant oak casks. “Of course” he replied “they are the soul of the brewery”


  4. Brouwerij De Plukker proudly points out that it is a hop farm first, and a small brewery second. They brew with 100% homegrown hops, creating a delicate blonde ale showcasing a bright Belgian hop aroma. We were treated to a tour and tasting by Brewmaster Kris and Hopgrower Joris (and his daughter). The love and care they have for hops shows in every sip.


  5. Westvleteren Pilgrimage


  6. Inspiring tour and tasting at De Ranke from Brewmaster and Owner Nino Bacelle. He’s creating Belgian modern classics with core beliefs in only brewing with whole cone hops, no filtration and no pasteurization for every beer.


  7. This about summarizes Tour de Geuze


  8. Less than an hour after arriving in Belgium, got put to work labeling bottles at Drie Fonteinen.


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